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Healthy Choice Enterprise, Inc. (HCE), is a professional non profit, 501 (c) (3), organization formed to provide health, fitness, and education programs to the community. Our goal is to reduce obesity, sedentary lifestyles, and apathy in seeking healthcare. We work to enhance the quality of youth and adult lives by providing practical health education and fitness events, thereby increasing community betterment.

Our programs include Community Health and Wellness Fairs, The Ask Nurse Information Page, Weekly and Monthly Dance Exercise Classes, and our Annual Dinner Dance Gala.


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Community Health and Wellness Fairs

Healthy Choice Enterprise (HCE) promote wellness with health education and physical activity programs. These events are sponsored by HCE or presented in conjunction with other service organizations or businesses. Community organizations that are promoting public events are contacted for access to allow HCE to present health information in the form of a health/wellness presentation. 

Depending on the needs or parameters of the organization, HCE will develop a presentation that can be a full activity-oriented health/wellness fair or small passive look-and-see health/wellness fair. HCE plans and coordinates each event, which includes a needs assessment, a creative fair theme, appropriate decorations, exercise and dance demonstrations, and an efficient room layout. 

Professional staff, qualified vendors, and exhibiters, create a fun, interactive and educational event. Information and volunteers are solicited from the national voluntary health agencies including: the American Heart Association, American Diabetes Association, American Cancer Society, as well as organizations that will donate health and wellness information to distribute. 

HCE operates primarily in the Las Vegas community and has presented health programs in cities coast to coast. If you have an idea for an event and need someone to develop and coordinate the program, need assistance with some phase of your project, or need help getting bodies into your event, call on us. We can make it happen.


Weekly and Monthly Dance Exercise Classes & Workshops

HCE Dance Exercise Classes address some of peoples greatest needs for Health Information, Physical Conditioning, Stress Management, Positive Social Interaction, and Physical Exercise in the form of dancing. Dancing is great for helping people of all ages and physical abilities get and stay in shape. People love music and dance, and HCE has developed fun and exciting ways to help people reach their fitness goals. Our weekly classes are taught by Zakeeyaw Toney and guest instructors, and are 1.5 hours in length.

We teach and promote Urban Ballroom/Chicago Steppin, Urban Line Dance, and Shuffle, beautiful dances that are reported to not only relieve tension, stress, burn calories but to feed the spirit, and heal the mind, and body. Both men and women are encouraged to attend. Monthly Workshops concentrate on specific dance exercise movements taught by our resident and guest instructors. On occasion, these classes are taught outside of the Las Vegas area or as a demonstration at health events.

At our classes, after waiver information has been acknowledged, health assessments, information handouts, homework and questionnaires are provided for assessing the individuals physical, medical, and social goals. We also promote weekly weigh ins, body tape measurements, offer body fat analysis, and weight loss challenge contests. 

On a quarterly basis we use comparative analysis on the effectiveness of our participants efforts based on their goals and activities and compose a progress report providing feedback and ways to improve. The purpose of the feedback is to evaluate the effectiveness of their efforts and develop new strategies if necessary toward goal accomplishment.


   Ask Nurse Z Health & Social Information 

Weekly Topics include Proactive Health Practices, Disease Processes and Awareness, National Health Observances, Healthy Lifestyle Activities and more. The purpose is to disseminate information on a variety of topics that affect both men and women and encourage readers questions or comments submitted via email or to our website, that further increase the communities knowledge and furthers HCE's goal of providing health, fitness, and education programs to the community.  


                                                The Annual Dinner Dance Gala

                            The Memorial Weekend Extravaganza

The Memorial Weekend Extravaganza Event is celebrated in Las Vegas, Nevada. The MWE is the culminating showcase for Healthy Choice Enterprise's programs and services, and our major fund raising activity. The ticketed weekend events include a free, open to the public health fair with guest speakers from the local medical and business community, dance exercise workshops, pool side reception, and evening dance entertainment. 

The purpose of the event is to assemble 1000 or more locals and guests from across the country to participate in a weekend of healthy lifestyle activities, thus continuing to bring positive attention to the HCE organization and the opportunity to contribute to the Las Vegas market.


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