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We have reached the

back to school time

of year and the

health of our community

is in our hands.


School days bring traffic congestion: school buses are picking up the kids, some are on bikes, and walking. Give the children an extra break when you see them crossing against traffic, running out into the streets, or any other actions that might put you in the position of an accident survivor and them an accident loser.


When it comes to Distracted Walking Remember:

  • Do not walk, talk, or text
  • Do not walk with headphones in both of your ears.
  • Be aware of your surroundings, especially in congested areas.


Remember: Head Up, Distractions Down

Kid pedestrians are not the only ones distracted. Drivers have to pay special attention in school zones, or anywhere kids are walking near traffic. When driving, one call or text can change everything.

Eliminate or keep eating, music, phone, make-up applications, hair combing, picking up dropped objects, writing, looking for item distractions to a bare minimum.

It is important for drivers to slow down and pay attention when kids are present – especially before and after school. As your children march out the door on that first day of school – and every day – there is really only one priority: Nothing is more important than making sure they get home safely.


These children belong to all of us, we are our brothers keepers. Parents remember that it takes a village to raise a child and don’t get defensive if someone gives some loving guidance to your perfect angel, when they get out of line.

Many times children listen better when discipline comes from more than one source. At least they know that the world is watching with expectations, which is an important message to future adults.


Ready to get involved?

Teachers, parents, and children have a tough job but lets look to ourselves to be a part of the solution by volunteering to our children and community. We can all contribute to children’s education. Contact your local schools for after-school programs, community centers, non-profit organizations, church groups, and others for meaningful programs to help our kids.

No time to give? Get know your neighbor kids. Just knowing that there is someone who cares can make the difference in their self esteem and future success.


Our children are our communities’ number one priority! Remember that are our future, future decision makers, and future care  takers. Nothing is more important than making sure get to their destinations and return home safely, so let’s help them get there.