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Ask Nurse Z - Zakeeyaw Toney, RN

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 Zakeeyaw Toney RN has been in the healthcare field for over 30 years with a goal of contributing information to the community for reaching physical activity goals, also physical, mental, emotional, and social health improvements. She is the host of the Ask Nurse Z show on Internet Radio Stations: and

This informative show addresses health, wellness, fitness and social topics relative to the community. We will expound on, refresh and challenge your knowledge on topics informing our audiences in a clear and healthful way. We encourage you to talk about, and share our information with people around you. Create a Buzz. The more dialog we create about information that may lead us to health, the faster we’ll get there. We encourage your questions and comments. Whatever your concern is, you ask it and we will address it! Hope to hear from you soon, get those questions and comments in! Check out our Blog: Zakeeyaw Toney News and Views.



                      The Ask Nurse Z Show Features

 The Ask Nurse Z Show  features health information and social topics that affects your body, mind, and spirit. We bring you news you can use. You’re invited to listen to the show on and health tips Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday on

The show information that is discussed is the opinion and from the research of the Show Host and does not reflect the views of Global News Forum, Club Steppin, or the station’s sponsors. Our medical content is designed to inform and enlighten you and should not be used as a substitute for diagnostic test or medical treatments. Professional help should be sought for any problems or concerns you may have.

In striving to keep the information relevant we invite your questions, comments, or concerns. You can contact us at, or where your questions will be read on the air or incorporated into the show. You can also get your service, business, or event publicized by sponsoring with us. Contact us about sponsorship packages.

If you miss the broadcast you can find the text form of some of the shows (others are available by request), as well as our references on the Ask Nurse Z show page.


Ask Nurse Z's: The 10 Main Components in a Healthy Life Style


  • Proper Nutrition 

  • Exercise

  • Rest 
  • Supplements and Medications
  • Deep Breathing 
  • Stress Management 
  • Water Hydration 
  • Safe Sex
  • Prayer and Meditation

  • Life Balance and Moderation

If we incorporate this whole list into our lives, we will have a more enriched, healthy, and high quality life. 


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                             What Are Your 

                       Best Health Practices?

                      Are you incorporating these

                    ingredients into your life style? 

                     Which ones are important on

                               your to do list? 


Send us your comments, We want to know! Remember: 

No news is not good news. Stay informed and proactive about your health. 

   Take Care of Yourself, and Those Important To You. 


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