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Event Preparation Survey

Event Preparation Questionnaire and Agreement

Educating, encouraging and empowering your attendees to lead active, healthy lifestyles is what we do best. Because our programs are targeted to your population, you get results.

To make your program a success we need preparation

information. Please submit information 6 months and no later than 6 weeks before your expected event date, to allow adequate preparation. Include any programs your company is running so that they may be included in the Event.

Contact Person: __________________________________________

Additional Contact Person __________________________________

Human Resources ________________________________________

Insurance Benefits Department ______________________________ 

Health Plan _____________________________________________

Dental Plan _____________________________________________

Vision Plan ______________________________________________

Wellness Program ________________________________________

Child Care resources ______________________________________

Employee Assistance Programs ______________________________

Occupational Health_______________________________________

Other Personnel ___________________________________________

What is your company's main wellness goal? 

                (check all that apply)

___  Save money

_____ Provide a benefit to employees

_____ Make healthcare more convenient for employees

_____ Keep employees healthy

_____ Don't know

Ongoing Employee Health and Wellness Program Interests

             (Indicate Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Annually)

_____ Wellness Program Consulting

_____ Health Risk Assessments

_____ Employee Health Screening / Biometric Testing

_____ Health Coaching / Wellness Coaching

_____ Health Fairs / Wellness Fairs

_____ Wellness Workshops / Lunch and Learns

_____ Wellness Challenges / Wellness Competitions

_____ Incentive Programs / Points Based Tracking

_____ Gym Discounts

_____ Fitness Center Management

_____ Wellness Newsletters / Self Care / Handouts

_____ Flu Shots

_____ Employee Assistance Programs

_____ Disease Management Programs

_____ Behavior Modification (stress management, smoking

                cessation, etc

_____ Onsite Medical Staffing

_____ Health Promotion Staffing

What is your company's wellness program goal?

                                                                             Yes              No

Ongoing Wellness Program                     ____             ____

Maintained Daily Onsite by HCE           ____             ____

Quarterly Wellness Events                       ____             ____

Monthly Wellness Events                          ____             ____

Weekly Wellness Events                           ____             ____

Does your Company provide?                 Yes               No

Exercise Area/ Program                            ____            ____

Employee Cafeteria                                    ____            ____

Employee Break Room                             ____            ____

Employee Smoking area                           ____            ____

New Mother Lactation Room                  ____           ____

              Weekly. Monthly. Quarterly. Site Presentations

           (Check the frequency of exhibition per area listed)

Activities        Daily         Weekly         Monthly      Quarterly      Annually

Fairs and Events

Wellness Fairs

Health Screenings

Behavior Change


Weight Management

BMI Assessment

Movement Sessions   Daily  Weekly   Monthly   Quarterly   Annually

Dance Exercise

15-30 min Exercise

Stretching and



Education Information    Daily    Weekly   Monthly  Quarterly  Annually

Web Health Education

Health Promotion


30 min Lunch N Learn

Regular Testing

Activities                                  Quarterly         Annually____________

Flu Shots

Blood Pressure Tests

Glucose Screenings



Your Health/ Wellness Program starts with your Topic (Review the Health/ Wellness themes): ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

How many people do you expect? _________ 

Is your event open to the public ___________ 

Open to your participants only ____________

Your Health/Wellness Fair will includes a choice of one of the seven health fair themes: 

  • General Health, 
  • Heart Health, 
  • Mind & Body, 
  • Fitness, 
  • Nutrition, 
  • Manage-Your-Health, 
  • Safety 

A three (3) hour event,  A dedicated account manager responsible for coordinating and implementing all deliverables, Tablecloths, Table signs, posters, and/or banners, Raffle prize valued at $50 (min), Educational handout(s) at each booth, A health fair evaluation and event summary report. 

Health Fair Additions

Health Education Topic/s delivered by Speaker/s (additional fees may apply) __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Specialized Screenings and Tests (additional fees apply) __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Customizations What are your special needs at your event? __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

How much space/ room size is allowed for the event? _________________________________________________________________________________________________

Are you able to provide tables for exhibitors? _________________________________________________________________________________________________

Special Requests for Electricity (available): Yes______ No______ 

Need exhibitors to be along a wall only Yes________ No_______ 

Need the area to be quiet? Yes______ No_________ 

Are there any exhibitors or companies that you have worked with in the past that you want to include at your event? __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Do you provide audio/visual equipment, extension cords, 3-pronged adapters, etc. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


I have filled out this application to Contract with Healthy Choice Enterprise, Inc for a Health Fair/ Wellness Fair Service. I understand and agree to abide by the rules and regulations outlined in the agreement. I understand that I will not be entitled to a refund in the event of my cancellation or non-compliance with HCE rules and regulations. Signature of person accepting responsibility for registration. 

Contract Signature ______________________________

     (Please Review Rules and Regulations before signing) 

Date ________________________________________

Deposit ______________________________________

Method of Payment to Healthy Choice Enterprise, Inc.:

 Check____ Cash____ Pay Pal_____ _________________

If you choose to use Pay Pal and don't have a Pay Pal account, let us know, you can still use the service. All applications are subject to approval by the Healthy Choice Enterprise, Inc. (HCE) Health and Wellness Events company. Please remit the completed event agreement form via mail or email and payments to: 

Healthy Choice Enterprise, Inc. 

6701 Del Rey Ave, Ste. 129 

Las Vegas, NV. 89146 

702- 673- 0302 



  1. HCE Health and Wellness Events occurs rain or shine. There are no refunds in the event of inclement weather, natural disasters, or the facility becoming unavailable beyond the control of HCE. In circumstances beyond control of the Client, HCE will work with the client to reschedule the event. 
  2. Set up time will begin 1 hour before event time (Vendors/Exhibitors) will contact us if more time is needed for set up). 
  3. The HCE Health and Wellness Event reserves the right to cease Vendors/Exhibitors privileges at any time. 
  4. NO vulgarity or insulting behavior from clients, exhibitors, or vendors will be tolerated at the HCE Health and Wellness Event. Violation of this rule will result in the removal of the Vendors/Exhibitors. Client Event agreement will be voided. Please do everything to amicably work out any issues that arise between the Exhibitors/ Vendors and the consumers or other Vendors/Exhibitors. We will intercede if we are notified. The goal is to present a united front and remain customer service friendly at all times. 
  5. No Smoking including Tobacco, Vapor,or E-cigarettes. 
  6. No explicit merchandise can or will be exhibited. 
  7. Prior to the event start, HCE can review any merchandise, and request removal of merchandise that is questionable or merchandise that is not listed in the Exhibitors/Vendors agreement including previously agreed upon merchandise. 
  8. Vendors/Exhibitors must use the space that is designated by HCE and provided by the Client. If electrical access is provided (based on availability from the client); Vendors/Exhibitors must supply their own extension cords. 
  9. All Vendors/Exhibitors are responsible for the set-up and breakdown of their own merchandise. NO staff or security will be provided to any Vendors/Exhibitors. Client will provide a safe environment for the execution of the Health/ Wellness Event.
  10. Vendors/Exhibitors will bring their own change if needed. 
  11. All Vendors/Exhibitors are encouraged to remain at their location or have someone physically present to cover for them, during Vending/Exhibiting Hours. Neither HCE nor the Client assumes responsibility nor liability for Vendors/Exhibitors merchandise or services. 
  12. NO selling or distribution of food or beverages of any kind are permitted unless contracted. 
  13. HCE nor the Client offer guarantee of sales or income to any Exhibitor or Vendor. During the event HCE will make frequent announcements to encourage guests to patronize the Vendors/Exhibitors. 
  14. Announcements or Flyers can be sent to HCE prior to the event that will be placed in the swag bags (if available). 

Clients, please make announcements to help spread the word of your event, the more people who know about it the better the participation. Contact us for internet and flyer advertisements. 


I have read all the rules and regulations in the Health and Wellness Events Agreement form pertaining to contracting HCE Health and Wellness Events. I agree to abide by the rules and regulations stated in this registration packet. Violation of any of these rules set forth by HCE Health and Wellness Event will result in termination of the agreement without a refund. My above signature acknowledges that I received this disclosure. Contact us with any questions or concerns regarding your employee’s program. We’ve created a fun and educational event for your organization that will show your people how much you care and create win-win results for you and them! 

Contact us with any questions or concerns regarding your organization's program. We'll created a fun and educational event for you that will show your people how much you care and create win-win results for you and them!

Your deposit is due with your agreement, payable to Healthy Choice Enterprise, Inc. After your information and deposit are received  we will give you a customized event package including a schedule of presenters and vendors with a detailed cost listing within 72 hours. Please contact us for pick up or mailing instructions.

Once we have your information, we can give you a customized event package including a schedule of presenters and vendors with a detailed cost listing. Your program balance will be due is due upon presentation of your completed program details, approximately 72 hours. Please contact us for pick up or mailing instructions. We look forward to working with you and your company and expect an exciting event. We will work hard for you and promise that you will be pleased. 

Zakeeyaw Toney, RN 

HCE Executive Director  

6701 Del Rey Ave, Ste. 129 

Las Vegas, NV. 89146 

673- 0302 

HCE Health and Wellness Event and Event Evaluation Forms


Phone Number or Email_________________________________________________________________________

Please rate the following aspects of the event:

 Excellent        Good           Fair           Poor       N/A  


Pre- planning__________________________________


Quality of Exhibitors/ Vendors____________________

Lay out of booth________________________________

Booth space____________________________________


Would you contract HCE for another event again? 

Yes (Why)_______________________________________

No (Why) _______________________________________

Please estimate the number of participants ___________

Did the Theme hit the market you targeted? __________


Comments on Tables or Booths ____________________ ________________________________________________ ________________________________________________ 

Comments on Speaker/s ___________________________ ________________________________________________ 

Additional Comments or Suggestions:___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Thank You for your input, we look forward to your evaluation.

Z Toney,