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HCE Mind Festival

Healthy Choice Enterprise at Serenity Mental Health is delighted to invite our community to The HCE Mind Festival, Saturday Sept. 29th, 10am to 2pm. Mind Festival is the Mental Health Festival bringing Mental Health into main stream health awareness.

Our Theme: We are Whole when the MIND AND BODY are Well.

Our day: Mind Talks, Music, Dancing, Free Food and Beverages, Dance Exercise Demonstrations, Free Raffles, Free Clothes from Gaby's Closet and More!

The stigma of mental health disorders is old fashion and has no place in modern day medicine and forward health thinking. The mind controls the body and we can no longer regard the mind secondarily to the body. Society must recognize that psychiatry issues are disorders that can be treated just as any other physical health issue can be treated.

The HCE Mind Festival extends an opportunity for our community; neighbors and contributors from the mind health profession, to share information in a fun, festive, and informative setting. We are bring together leading mental health and mind - body professionals to share their knowledge, information and experiences.
At the end of this family friendly event, the attendee will be more tolerant, open minded, and knowledgeable about their mind health, also proactive in seeking mental health care treatment for themselves and people important to them. For more info: