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Health and Wellness Event Packages

HCE specializes in planning and coordinating full spectrum Health and Wellness Events for companies and organizations. Events range from Small Table/Talk Corners to Ongoing Wellness Programs promoting wellness with health education and physical activity programs (dance and exercise), mind/body services, and preventive health screenings. Activity-oriented health and wellness fairs inspire more learning than a passive look-and-see health and wellness fairs.

All we need from you is some initial information and a space to set up. We take care of everything else; from registration and scheduling to follow-up program administration. Topic choices are limitless. We specialize in planning and coordinating your event, and include an assessment of your needs, interests and schedule, a creative event theme, appropriate decorations, and an efficient room layout. HCE has the correct formula for optimal program success. Professional staff and qualified vendors create a fun, interactive and educational event that impacts the organizations knowledge and event presentation. Contact us to create your special program.

A HCE Director will work with your organization to assess your long-term goals and then build your wellness solution with those specific goals in mind. Each step along the way to achieving your goals will be planned in advance with your acknowledgement, providing a roadmap for continued successful events.



Budget Friendly Programs

Healthy Choice Enterprise, Inc. (HCE) Wellness and Health Events have innovative pricing options that will make our programs work for any client. Big or small, an HCE Director will walk you through pricing options and will make a world class wellness program easy on your budget. The savings are demonstrated through happier employees and participants, decreased absenteeism, and health claims among many other benefits.


Healthy Choice Enterprises Events

The HCE Health and Wellness Event Packages will start with 5-6 surveyed, time-proven screenings such as vision, foot balance, neck & back screenings as well as free chair massages. (Actual number of these screenings attained will depend on how many total exhibitors would be a good fit for your organization, how many in-network providers are included from your offices and HCE’s screening policy. 


Each HCE Health/Wellness Event Package Includes:

  • A three (3) hour event (amendable) 
  • A dedicated account manager responsible for event coordinating and implementing 
  • Tablecloths (color coordinated with the event) 
  • Table signs 
  • Raffle prize valued at $50 (min) 
  • Educational handout(s) at each booth 
  • A health fair evaluation and event summary report. 


Event Themes Choices:

                 Your Health/Wellness Fair will includes a 

               choice of one of the seven health fair themes: 


  •      General Health, 
    • Heart Health, 
  •      Mind & Body,  
  •      Fitness, 
  •      Nutrition,
  •      Manage-Your-Health, 
  •      Safety,
  •      More...

We can design the perfect event for you or you can select one of the  pre-packaged HCE Health Topic Events taylor fitted to your attendees needs. Depending on expected attendance and venue size, additional services can be added. Contact us for program creation and presentation. We would love to send you a full program description and schedule a presentation. 

      See Our Forms Page for Detailed Event Information


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