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Create and Motivate in a Bag

The New You© Collection for Him or Her, is a special way to reward or kick start the journey to your weight loss and body transformation goals.

Give one to yourself or another special someone. It's a heartfelt way to support and recognize hard work and efforts towards...

A New You

The Journey of one million miles begins with

a single step...

Set a goal and take one step at a time.

If you keep moving you will reach your goal.

New You Contents: A reusable Designer Bag, Sports Pedometer, Before and After Photo Frames, Gender Measuring Tape, Collapsible Water Bottle, Skinny Sips, Compact Mirror, Motivational Message, Gift Card, and Instructions.

     MSRP $19.99. New You is available  from Healthy Choice Enterprise, Inc. Online ordering is available for Individual Retail,  Bulk, or Wholesale.  Call for details.

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