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Morris Alan

In our lifetime we have opportunities and talents that cross our paths and what enhances our lives is when we recognize these treasures and incorporate them into our personal world. Morris Alan crossed HCE's path at a show in Phoenix, AZ and we immediately welcomed him into our entertainment arena and subsequently into our HCE family.

Morris was one of those rare treasures that was a superb talent and one of the nicest people the world has born. Immediately personable, you wondered if he was a long lost relative and you wanted to share a meal with him with your shoes off. His laugh was hearty and ready, he was comfortable and warm, talent poised and confident.

All of these things in a man that many people did not get the chance to experience for themselves, as he departed this life September 4 2015, at 40 years of age. We had a moment in time with Morris and for that I am grateful. Here we can memorialize him with just a few samples of his music to share with you.

Thank you Morris Alan for gifting us with your love of music and songs.      

                                     RIP and forever remembered.


Morris Alan Music- The Love Sessions

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      The Love Sessions

"Time (Intro)"
"I Still Believe" (feat. Kaliq)
"U Make Me Say" (feat. Dame Luke)
"Love Knocked Me Out"
"I Want U Here (Interlude)"
"Ready for Love"
"Encouraging Wordz (Hold On)"
"Let You Go"
"These Feelings"
"Step Up  (feat. Rees)"
Let It Ride (The A.I. Soul Dub Mix)


Time (Intro)

I Still Believe (feat. Kaliq)

U Make Me Say  (feat. Dame Luke)

Love Knocked Me Out

I Want U Here (Interlude)

Ready for Love

Encouraging Wordz (Hold On)

Let You Go

These Feelings

Step Up  (feat. Rees)


Morris Allan Video Collection