Healthy Choice Enterprise, Inc.

HCE Productions

HCE Productions

Healthy Choice Enterprise is a broad spectrum corporation who’s goal is a healthier and

happier community of adults and children. Our Programs and Services range from education information, to media, and event programs.

Our website is stocked with information about our activities and services. All provided for community betterment. We welcome you to take a look and check us out.

              The Healthy Choice Enterprise Productions Include:

    • Steppers West Associates- Dance Classes, Demonstrations, and Social Events.

    • Ask Nurse Z- Internet Radio Programs, Wellness Newsletter, and Updates.

    • Las Vegas Chocolate City Tour- Learn about the contributions African American made to crown Las Vegas as the Entertainment Capital of the World.

    • Unlimited Sexy- Events and programs to accentuate the inner diva

    • Memorial Weekend Jam - Assembling 1000+ local and visitors to Las Vegas for a weekend of party and fun activities, the largest activity of this type in the west and growing!